Who We Want To Become

Who We Want To Become

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While listening to a podcast the other day by Lewis Howes, I realized I was doing something wrong. For the past six – eight months, I’ve been working on starting my own business. Hammering out the details on my vision walls, meditating (not quite often as I should), attending workshops, online courses, you name it, I’ve probably done it. After absorbing tons of information, it was time for the next step: action…. (hint hint, me typing this). However, before getting to this part, I felt I needed a mentor. Someone who could help me, even allow me to bounce my ideas off of and yank’em in when I go down the rabbit hole (man, haven’t we all been there before). I think we all crave someone who can guide us down the path of unknowingness and although they may not have all the answers, a little bit of been there done that, always helps.

So, why did this episode catch my interest? Look at the title: “Building Your Personal Advisory Board (aka Dream Team).” I mean, come’on. If you’ve been looking for someone who can help bring your dreams to reality, then you need to listen to this podcast. It explains the “type” of people you need to be looking for; not the friend of a friend who has a business and you want them to show you how they did it. Nope, that’s not what you should do unless there’s something in particular you want to learn. That’s what this podcast is about: finding people who can help in specific areas of your life. Give it a listen and I hope you find value in it as much as I did.

To your success!

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