Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

Listening to the blinds clap as the breeze lightly strokes my skin. I love this time of morning, when the world is quiet except for the talking birds; they’re probably saying good morning. With my husband still asleep, blaring of the television doesn’t existence.

I sit looking at my vision wall; it has the things I want to manifest in my life; it has the things I’m going to manifest in my life. The calla lily has grown beautifully. Its yellow and green flowers overhang the table it sits atop and the fearless sign that sits in front of it, is a reminder to push when the world wants to pull. They were given to me by my step-daughter, who I appreciate and love.

I often wish the noise of the world would stay muted like this but a car passing by confirms it won’t. That’s ok because as long as the quietness stays within, I’ll always be in this peaceful place.

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